What kind of lubricants does the European breadbasket use?


Ukraine is a unique piece of land. This country possesses more than 30% of the world’s richest black soil. In a current difficult economic climate, agriculture is a constantly growing sector
that is augmenting its export capacity. Today, Ukraine ranks as one of the three world’s largest grain exporters. The agricultural machinery fleet of Ukraine is large (it comprises 150,000 trucks, 45,000 combine harvesters and more than 200,000 of tractors). Sophisticated oils and lubricants must be used to maintain this equipment. The agricultural sector of Ukraine consumes 26-28 thousand tons of oils and lubricants every year. This represents
approximately 15% of the entire market of lube products of Ukraine. Although the large portion of lubricants is used by heavy industry of Ukraine, the agricultural sector is still the promising segment that is constantly growing.

The farming machinery fleet has been remarkably updated over the last 10 years. The landowners buy agricultural equipment of famous foreign brands, that’s why the requirements for lube products have increased significantly. Based on the expenditure pattern of an agricultural enterprise, approximately 2-4% of the
budget is spent on oils and lubricants, nevertheless agrarians (independent farmers) don’t skimp on lube products.

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